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Glaucoma Awareness Month

This month's guest blog post was written by Jessica Schiffbauer, OD. She is residency trained in ocular disease management and comprehensive post-operative care. January is glaucoma awareness month. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of worldwide blindness. Glaucoma is an ocular condition involving cupping of the optic nerve due to... Read More

World Sight Day

It’s October, and, for many of us, that means all eyes are on Halloween.  However, on October 11, we have our sights set on a celebrating a different holiday:  World Sight Day. World Sight Day... Read More

Virginia Eye Consultants Leads the Way With iStent Inject

Virginia Eye Consultants is once again amongst the first in the country to use new technological advancements.  Today, Dr. Constance Okeke performed surgery on patients using iStent Inject technology.  She was involved in the clinical trials of this new device. The iStent Inject is the smallest medical implant ever approved... Read More

First ABiC Glaucoma Surgery in Hampton Roads Virginia

March 19th was a historic day at Virginia Eye Consultants. Dr. Constance Okeke performed the first Ab Interno Canaloplasty (or ABiC) glaucoma surgery in Hampton Roads. The ABiC procedure is a minimally invasive glaucoma surgery that allow surgeons to flush out the clogged drainage system in people with open angle... Read More

What Our Doctors Are Saying About Dr. Okeke’s New Book

Here's what our doctors at Virginia Eye Consultants have to say about Dr. Constance Okeke’s new book “The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery: Patient Selection.” Dr. Okeke has produced an original and clinically precise compendium of essentially all of the knowledge necessary to successfully implement trabectome surgery.  This progenitor microincisional... Read More

Dr. Constance Okeke Author of New Glaucoma Book

“The more tools you have in your pocket, the more options you have to treat the individual glaucoma patients that are presented to you because everyone is different.” Dr. Constance Okeke, MD, MSCE Dr. Constance Okeke’s new book “The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery: Patient Selection” shares her extensive experience... Read More

Microinvasive Surgery: The Newest in Glaucoma Treatment

Although glaucoma can become a serious threat to eyesight if left untreated, technology for managing the progressive eye disease is better than ever. At Virginia Eye Consultants, our team utilizes state-of-the-art treatment options to better tailor care to accommodate your unique needs and lifestyle. To make the most of your... Read More

Alternatives to Eye Drops for Glaucoma Treatment

When it comes to treating glaucoma, the main goal is to lower eye pressure. This is to slow down the degeneration of the optic nerve, which is what causes glaucoma to lead to permanent vision loss. One of the easiest forms of treatment is medication in the form of eye... Read More

Glaucoma FAQs

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness within the U.S., which is why our team at Virginia Eye Consultants emphasizes the importance of routine eye exams. By regularly getting your eyes screened for glaucoma, you can detect the disease early, should it develop, and get prompt treatment to... Read More

Do You Hate Your Glaucoma Drops?

If you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma, there’s a good chance you have been prescribed medicated eye drops to help keep the condition from progressing. This is typically the first method of treatment since it is the most conservative. Unfortunately, many patients find them to be uncomfortable or disruptive of their... Read More

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