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Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation in Virginia Beach, VA

Lips that are full and supple have always been a universal symbol of beauty. Whether you were born with thinner lips or wish to restore lost volume and smooth wrinkles in the lip area caused by aging, we can help.

Led by Dr. Thomas Joly, the facial plastic surgery specialist at our practice in Hampton Roads, offers a number of non-surgical lip augmentation options to help you achieve fuller, more youthful-looking lips that look natural.1

full plumps lips after augmentation

Benefits of Lip Enhancement Injections

With skillful injection of hyaluronic acid lip fillers, patients can enjoy a wide range of cosmetic benefits, including:

  • Plumper, fuller lips that appear more youthful and sensuous
  • Enhanced definition of the lips and cupid’s bow
  • Improved harmony of facial features
  • Reduction of “smoker’s wrinkles” around the lips
  • Enhanced self-confidence

Lip Enhancement with Dermal Fillers

At Renew Aesthetic Center at Virginia Eye Consultants, our ophthalmic plastic surgeons customize non-surgical lip enhancement to suit each patient’s unique needs and goals. The dermal fillers we employ for lip augmentation are all FDA-approved for this very specific use and include:


JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC uses VYCROSS® technology to smooth wrinkles around the mouth, add volume, and improve contours of the lips.

Restylane® Silk

Restylane Silk is the first hyaluronic acid filler approved by the FDA specifically for lip augmentation. This product employs smaller particles than are found in other hyaluronic acid fillers to deliver plumper lips and reduced lip lines with results that look natural.

Restylane® Kysse

Restylane Kysse is the newest and most state-of-the-art dermal filler made specifically for lip injections. This unique formula allows a smaller volume of the filler to be injected while yielding long-lasting results that feel and look more like the patient’s natural lips.

Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement: What to Expect

Preparing for Lip Enhancement

Before your lip augmentation with dermal fillers, your doctor will instruct you to stop taking any blood thinners (anticoagulants) for the week leading up to your treatment to reduce your likelihood of bruising. You should also refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before treatment, and be sure to drink plenty of water to boost your body’s natural healing abilities.

The Lip Enhancement Procedure

Non-surgical lip enhancement is an in-office treatment that takes 15-30 minutes to perform. You will be seated comfortably in a treatment chair and given mild anesthetics to keep your discomfort to a minimum. Most patients report feeling some pinching or tingling during the dermal filler injections, but do not report pain. You will be able to return to normal activities immediately after your lip augmentation.

Recovery After Lip Enhancement

After lip augmentation with dermal fillers, you should feel minimal discomfort. You may notice some tenderness and swelling at the injection site, and this should subside within a few days.

full plumps lips after augmentation

Try not to touch your lips for the first day after your treatment, which may affect the results of your enhancement. We also recommend that you refrain from exercising for at least one day in order to prevent increased blood flow to your face which may cause swelling.

Lip Augmentation FAQs

Is lip enhancement using dermal fillers safe?

Complications after treatment with dermal fillers are rare, especially when performed by a qualified practitioner. Though uncommon, side effects of lip augmentation include injection side bleeding and bruising, lumps, asymmetry, and the ability to feel the fillers under the skin.2

How long do results of non-surgical lip augmentation last?

While some dermal fillers can last for up to one year, most patients prefer to repeat the application of dermal fillers after between 6-12 months.

How much does lip augmentation cost?

The cost of lip augmentation differs for each patient, and is based on factors such as the amount of enhancement desired and the dermal filler used. Your doctor will be able to give you a quote for your procedure after your personal consultation.

Your Lip Augmentation Consultation

If you desire lips that appear fuller and more supple, non-surgical lip augmentation at our practices in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, and Suffolk could help you enjoy a more voluminous pout in as little as half an hour. Schedule your lip filler consultation at your convenience with our easy online booking system.

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2 American Society of Plastic Surgeons. What are the risks of dermal fillers? Available: Accessed June 30, ,2020.

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