iLux® Treatment for Dry Eye

If your eyes feel dry, gritty, irritated, or water persistently, you know how troublesome and uncomfortable dry eye can be. Fortunately, the dry eye specialists at Virginia Eye Consultants in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Hampton, VA offer non-surgical treatment for patients suffering from this most common form of dry eye disease with the innovative Systane iLux device.

What Causes Your Dry Eyes?

For the majority of people with dry eye disease, the cause of their discomfort is a blockage of the oil glands in the eyelids. These glands, known as the meibomian glands, release a moisturizing oil called meibum to cover the surface of the eyes every time a person blinks. When the meibomian glands become blocked or don’t work properly, they don’t release enough meibum and tears evaporate more quickly than they should.

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) causes evaporative dry eye, an uncomfortable condition that affects up to 86% of people diagnosed with dry eye disease and can lead to blurred vision, light sensitivity, stinging, and eye fatigue.1,2

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Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes
with iLux

Systane iLux Treatment for MGD

The FDA-approved Systane iLux device by Alcon uses mild heat and pressure to break up oil blockages in the meibomian glands, restoring normal function and alleviating symptoms of evaporative dry eye. Clinical studies have shown that treatment with iLux significantly improves meibomian gland function, delivering marked improvements in evaporative dry eye symptoms.3

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Preparing for Treatment

The first step in alleviating uncomfortable symptoms of evaporative dry eye is a consultation with an ophthalmologist at Virginia Eye Consultants. Your doctor will conduct a brief examination to determine if MGD is causing your dry eye symptoms and whether you are a candidate for treatment with iLux.

The iLux Treatment Experience

Dry eye treatment with iLux usually takes less than 15 minutes and is performed in your ophthalmologist’s office. After the iLux device is positioned over your eyelid, you will feel a warm sensation as therapeutic heat from the device dissolves blockages in the meibomian glands. Next, your doctor will use gentle massaging pressure to remove excess oil and fully clear the glands.

After iLux Treatment

There is absolutely no recovery needed after iLux treatment. Following treatment, you’ll be able to drive and return to normal activities immediately. You will notice continued improvement of your dry eye symptoms in the weeks following treatment.

Contact Virginia Eye Consultants for Dry Eye Treatment with iLux

If you suffer from the irritating and uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye, you could be a great candidate for near-immediate relief through treatment with the iLux device. To learn more about your options or to schedule a consultation with an ophthalmologist, please contact us at Virginia Eye Consultants.

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