LASIK Discount for Military and First Responders

Virginia Eye Consultants offers a discount on LASIK eye surgery for military members and their dependents, as well as police officers, firefighters, and rescue personnel. Our Hampton Roads practice is proud to extend this offer to show our gratitude to the people who serve our country and keep our communities safe.

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Benefits of Vision Correction Surgery for Military, Police, Fire, and Rescue

We offer discounted LASIK for first responders because clear vision is a valuable asset in the field. Many military, police, and firefighting activities are not compatible with contact lenses or glasses. Every second matters when lives are on the line, and fumbling with glasses or contacts can be unsafe for those who are on the job as well as the citizens they are serving. Learn more about LASIK to determine if LASIK may be right for you.

Firefighter Flames Military First Responder LASIK Discount

The Military LASIK Discount at Virginia Eye Consultants

Members of the U.S. military, veterans, and their dependents may be eligible for a $600 discount off the price of LASIK eye surgery.

The First Responders LASIK Discount at Virginia Eye Consultants

Firefighters, police officers, and rescue personnel may be eligible for a $600 discount off the price of LASIK eye surgery.

Contact Us for Discounted LASIK in Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, or Virginia Beach

Virginia Eye Consultants is honored to offer affordable LASIK to our local heroes. We have served patients in Hampton Roads for over 60 years and our team of experienced eye doctors offer advanced vision correction and high-quality eye care. Schedule your free LASIK consultation with our easy-to-use online booking system.

*$600 off discount ($300 off per eye) applicable towards LASIK or PRK only. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Restrictions may apply and discount is contingent on proof of service. Fire, police, and rescue rate does not extend to dependents. Please contact Virginia Eye Consultants for full details.

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