Virginia Eye Consultants is a nationally recognized retina practice in Hampton Roads, Virginia, delivering state-of-the-art, comprehensive patient care. Our retina specialists are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of retina, macula and vitreous disorders, with the goal of improving every patient’s quality of life with the highest standard of medical care.

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We make every effort to ensure our patients are well informed about their eye surgery or treatment, and the overall health of their eyes. It is this dedication to patient comfort and satisfaction that has made Virginia Eye Consultants a retina surgery leader in Virginia.

Our doctors are specially trained to handle all conditions of the retina and vitreous, including:

How the Eye Works: The Retina and the Macula

A thin layer of tissue called the retina covers the back inside wall of the eye. When the cornea and lens at the front of the eye focus light on the retina, a picture is taken and sent to the brain through the optic nerve to be interpreted. Thus, the retina is the “seeing tissue” of the eye.

diagram of the retina

The retina has two parts: the peripheral retina and the macula.

The “macula” is the center of the retina, while the large area surrounding the macula and comprising 95% of the retina is the “peripheral retina.” The peripheral retina allows us to see out of the corner of the eye, but is unable to see detail clearly. We cannot drive, read or see facial features with the peripheral retina.

Although small, the macula is one hundred times more sensitive to detail than the peripheral retina. The macula is required to see fine detail and it must be healthy to work properly.

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