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Cataracts are an extremely common condition, especially in adults age 65 and older. In fact, it is the leading cause of poor vision in adults. With cataracts being such a prevalent condition, it is estimated that about 2 million people undergo cataract surgery each year, with over 95% successfully restoring their clear vision. The good news is that it’s an exciting time to have cataract surgery. Recent technological advancements have dramatically changed the cataract surgery procedure and at Virginia Eye Consultants, we have become leaders in treating cataracts through the most advanced technology available. We strive to provide our patients with the safest, most comfortable cataract removal process, while also correcting refractive errors for life-changing vision improvement.

What are cataracts?

cataractsBy the age of 80, over half of people in the U.S. have developed cataracts at some point. The condition is characterized by the clouding of the eye’s lens. This lens allows the eye to focus on an object, so when it becomes obstructed, light cannot pass through the lens properly, which results in blurred vision.

The most common symptoms of a cataract include:

A cataract can’t usually be seen with the naked eye but, instead, is diagnosed during an eye examination. Your Virginia Beach eye doctor will determine the type, size, and location of the cataract by utilizing diagnostic instruments for a magnified view of your eye structure.

Treatment for Cataracts

If you are diagnosed with a cataract, the only way to completely reverse the problem is through surgical removal. During the laser cataract surgery procedure, the cloudy lens is replaced with an artificial one, which can effectively restore your clear vision. This lens is known as an intraocular lens implant (IOL). With modern cataract surgery you now have new options for lens implants or IOL’s. Some lenses can even correct your vision at near, far and intermediate distances. Virginia Eye Consultants offers advanced IOL options that have been proven to be highly effective and can dramatically improve your vision. Your surgeon will discuss the lens options that are best suited to your eyes.

ReSTOR® is a permanent multifocal lens that can improve your full-distance vision, as well as treat presbyopia. The Toric IOL is another type of multifocal lens–it can treat astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery. An alternative to these options is blended vision. Patients who opt for this solution receive monofocal IOLs during cataract surgery. One eye is corrected for distance, while the other is corrected for near vision. This combination allows them to see clearly without noticing a difference between their eyes.

Through the cataract surgical process, you can achieve excellent vision when focusing on images both near and far. Many individuals achieve reduced dependence on their glasses, if not complete vision correction for a life changing outcome.

Expected Results from Cataract Surgery

With the many advancements in surgical technology these days, cataract surgery has become one of the most successful surgeries performed in the U.S. Additionally, recovery from the procedure is typically short, allowing you to return to your everyday activities relatively fast. Since general anesthesia isn’t usually needed, most patients can return home within an hour of their cataract surgery. Visual recovery varies from patient to patient, however, most patients return to their normal activities within a day or two. Since vision can be dramatically improved, if not completely corrected, many patients can enjoy freedom from glasses, providing a significant lifestyle improvement.

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