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Dry Eye Testimonials

Elizabeth Yeu, M.D., one of our fellowship trained, board certified ophthalmologists, had the LipiFlow® procedure performed on her own eyes at Virginia Eye Consultants! LipiFlow® is a revolutionary FDA-approved procedure that treats the root cause, not just the symptoms, of Evaporative Dry Eye.  LipiFlow® has been proven to provide real, lasting relief and has been beneficial for so many patients who have tried other dry eye treatments without success.

Testimonial Image Elizabeth Yeu, M.D.

Many, many thanks for treating me so well and with such professionalism and expertise. I was so very pleased with the amazing speed in which I was seen and provided care. This was probably my very best experience, of many, with your wonderful team of doctors and staff.

Thomas V. Whelan, M.D.

If all the employees here were like Kelly Wittwer, the parking lots would be full just to meet her! She makes you feel good and appreciated. Kelly Wittwer is refreshing!

Testimonial Image Jack Kress

My eyes feel better than they have in many years: there is no more discomfort…my eyes shine! I can see so well, my eyes feel so good…this is truly magical! By Dr. Lago controlling my dry eyes, I was able to undergo my cataract surgery with Dr. Scoper. The whole experience is worth mentioning to everyone! Dr. Lago has improved my life greatly.

Barbara Cobb

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