BOTOX® Dysport®, and XEOMIN®

Renew Aesthetic Center offers several highly regarded injectable treatments for softening the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, lip lines, and other facial wrinkles, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and XEOMIN®.

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How do BOTOX®, Dysport®, and XEOMIN® Work?

BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin® all work similarly and are known as neuromodulators. Each type of treatment injects minute amounts of specifically formulated botulinum toxin precisely into desired areas. This temporarily relaxes these muscles, softens out fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves a smooth, more youthful look. Neuromodulators continue to increase in popularity as they have the unique ability to reduce wrinkles without surgery. Not only are they effective, but the treatment sessions are also quick and easy, with no downtime for recovery.

Neuromodulator Options at Renew Aesthetic Center


BOTOX® is the original cosmetic injectable, approved by the FDA in 2002. Since then, options have expanded with FDA approvals of Xeomin® and Dysport®. While the active ingredient in BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and Xeomin® is the same and they have similar effects, there are subtle differences in the formulations, concentrations, and how they are dosed. The highly experienced medical providers at Renew Aesthetic center will recommend the right injectable for your needs and goals


Dysport® diffuses more quickly than BOTOX®, and is often used to target larger areas of wrinkles, such as glabellar lines (frown lines or “elevens”), crow’s feet, and smile lines. Many of our patients see a reduction in wrinkles as soon as 24 hours after treatment with Dysport®.


Unlike other injectable neurotoxins, Xeomin® only contains botulinum toxin—with no preservatives or additional proteins like lactose. This is why Xeomin® is sometimes referred to as “the naked injectable,” and it is especially popular with patients who have developed a resistance to products like BOTOX®. Xeomin® is approved by the FDA to treat frown lines (“elevens”) and is also used for crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles around the lips, and neck banding.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Frequently Asked Questions

To make an informed, educated decision as you consider the possibilities that BOTOX® injections can bring to your overall look, you must carefully evaluate each and every step of the process. We have identified the most frequently asked questions and have answered these to assist you in making your decision.

Why see an eye care specialist for BOTOX® injections?

Many people do not realize that eye care specialists are among the most experienced in administering BOTOX® injections. In fact, they have been using the treatment for over 20 years to improve various eye conditions, such as eyelid spasms and eye muscle disorders.

There are 43 muscles in the human face, only some of which are necessary to be treated in order to eliminate wrinkles. Our Renew providers have intimate knowledge and understanding of this muscular anatomy of the face and eyes, and the skill to administer BOTOX injections to achieve the best results.

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Am I a good candidate for BOTOX® injections?

There are several conditions that indicate an ideal candidate for BOTOX® injections. The primary conditions are the presence of wrinkles, frown lines or crow’s feet since BOTOX® Cosmetic helps reduce and may even remove these conditions. BOTOX® can be used as a preventive treatment as early as your 20s or 30s, especially if you have a very expressive face.

Which injectable treatment is right for me?

Your eye care specialist will perform a detailed evaluation of your personal goals. For example, if your goal is to remove wrinkles or frown lines, your doctor will recommend the neuromodulator treatment best for your unique anatomy and your goals, which may be BOTOX®, Dysport® or Xeomin®.
Although general guidelines and information have been provided here, your best source of information regarding every stage of this treatment is your eye care specialist. We will gladly meet with you to assist in your decision regarding BOTOX® injections and other treatments and procedures he feels may be appropriate for you.

Does my insurance company offset the costs of BOTOX® or other neuromodulator injection therapy?

Currently, there are no concrete answers to this question. In most cases, if you select BOTOX® Cosmetic to reduce wrinkles or other features, chances are your insurance will not cover these injections. Most insurance companies would consider this to be an elective procedure. However, if you need BOTOX® injections to help you with a hyperkinetic problem, many insurance companies view this as a functional procedure and will cover the costs for you. Whatever your unique reason for considering BOTOX® injections, you should consult with your doctor and obtain his or her recommendation. The members of our staff are well-versed in insurance requirements regarding BOTOX® injections and can advise you appropriately.

What can I expect during the actual BOTOX® injections treatment?

BOTOX® injections are not surgical. There should never be a need for incisions to be made on the patient. In terms of the injection procedure, a small-gauge needle is used to inject the product directly into the treatment area. For example, if you are having BOTOX® injected into your crow’s feet areas, the material will be injected directly into the muscles surrounding the outer eye near the affected area.

Are there variations to the BOTOX® injection method?

BOTOX® and other neuromodulator injections are very straightforward and there are really no variations to the procedure. These injections are not harmful to the patient; the procedure is fast, simple, and relatively pain-free. BOTOX® and other neuromodulator injections are very straightforward and there are really no variations to the procedure. These injections are not harmful to the patient; the procedure is fast, simple, and relatively pain-free. There has been no significant need to develop variations to the standard, time-tested process of providing the injection.
There has been no significant need to develop variations to the standard, time-tested process of providing the injection.

What are some of the risks associated with BOTOX® injections?

BOTOX® injections are extremely safe when performed by an experienced practitioner. There are rare instances of complications arising from exceeding the recommended dosage in a single treatment area. For example, if too much BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected near the eyes, the patient could suffer from a droopy eyelid. You can be assured that you are in safe hands with our professional staff.

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How will I look and feel immediately following my BOTOX® injections?

Generally speaking, you will feel just fine after your BOTOX® injections. In rare cases, some patients experience minor discomfort, bruising, and/or swelling at the injection site. Some patients experience a mild headache or flu-like symptoms a day or two after the injection. If this discomfort persists, your doctor may give you medication for pain management.

When can I resume my normal activities?

BOTOX® injections are not considered invasive, nor is this procedure one that would typically require any downtime. You should be able to return to your routine as soon as the procedure is complete. You should avoid any exercise for at least 3 hours after treatment.

How long can I expect my BOTOX® injections to last?

BOTOX® injections results will vary. The factors that determine their lasting effects include the part of the body injected and the type of activities in which you regularly participate. Generally, BOTOX® injections should last at least three to four months. If you are someone who is out in the sun for extended periods or if you participate in other activities that tend to damage the skin, the longevity of the treatment may be shortened. Regardless, BOTOX® Cosmetic is not a lifelong solution, but rather a treatment that provides instant results and can be repeated as needed.

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