Cataract Testimonials

Real Patient Reviews

Kate approached our team this morning as she was leaving and said she wanted to stop and say a huge Thank You for continually coming into the front reception room and talking to folks and doing it in a ‘fun’ way so as to keep folks smiling! She further said ‘This practice is fabulous and everyone is always smiling and so helpful. I drive from Camden, N. C. and enjoy my drive here knowing I have such wonderful staff and doctors taking care of me!’
– Kate

Real Patient Reviews

Mr. Brewer is thrilled with this right eye after having his lens replaced at VEC. Now he can see without glasses in the distance and he is very happy!
– Mr. & Mrs. Brewer

Real Patient Reviews

Anna Weaver had a visually significant cataract that we removed. She has a lot of issues with being able to lie flat on her back and still breathe, and she was concerned about being able to position for the surgery, but with some maneuvering we were able to do the surgery and one day post op she is seeing 20/25+1 compared with 20/150 preop. She says “the colors are brighter!”
– Anna W.

Real Patient Reviews

Connie is a happy cataract patient one day after her procedure with Dr. Yeu and seeing 20/20 distance and near!
– Connie K.

Real Patient Reviews

Jeffrey was -18 in his right eye and -16 in his left eye (very nearsighted!) and had astigmatism in both eyes. He had cataract surgery with Dr. Yeu and is extremely happy with the outcome!
– Jeffrey Z.

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