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Trabectome Surgery for the Treatment of Glaucoma

Dr. Constance O. Okeke is the first certified Trabectome surgeon in Hampton Roads, making Virginia Eye Consultants the only practice in the area to offer this advanced glaucoma treatment.

Trabectome is a Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) that works to help the body help itself. It’s a three-step process that takes approximately 30 minutes.

1. Incision- A tiny incision is made across the chamber of the affected eye.
2. Electro-surgical pulse- Diseased tissue is removed with an electrosurgical pulse.
3. Washout- They eye is washed out with saline to remove tissue debris.

If you know or believe you have glaucoma, schedule a consultation with one of our expert eye care physicians to discuss your options. Call Virginia Eye Consultants at 757-622-2200.


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