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Dr. Scoper Speaks at the Washington, D.C. Ophthalmology Society Meeting

Dr Scoper 4Stephen V. Scoper, M.D. was the guest speaker at the July 30, 2013 meeting of the Washington D.C. Ophthalmology Society. Dr. Scoper discussed his clinical experience with cataract surgery as well as the results of several multi-center clinical trials. Over 60 ophthalmologists attended this meeting resulting in a lengthy question and answer session concerning Dr. Scoper’s experience with performing over 2,000 cataract procedures a year.

The discussion was centered on the importance of topical steroids and topical nonsteroidals in caring for patients in the postoperative period. Specifically, the results of two multi-center clinical trials concerning a new nonsteroidal eye drop, Ilevro (Alcon), were discussed.

As expected Ilevro performs much better than the vehicle in the study resulting in 61% of patients having 0 cells and 0 flare after using Ilevero once a day for two weeks following cataract surgery. The placebo arm showed only 24% of patients having 0 cells and 0 flares at two weeks. Additionally, 84% of patients in the Ilevro arm had no ocular pain at two weeks while only 38% of the placebo arm had no pain at two weeks.

More importantly, a second study compared head-to-head the Ilevro once-a-day with the Nevanac three-times-a-day for two weeks. This was the largest clinical trial to date for an ophthalmic nonsteroidal eye drop involving more than 2,000 patients.

Dr. Scoper and Virginia Eye Consultants were pleased to participate in this multi-center clinical trial. The Ilevro once-a-day was shown to be non-inferior to the Nevanac three-times-a-day at two weeks. 65% of patients in the Ilevro arm showed 0 cell while 67% of patients in the Nevanac arm showed 0 cell. This showed the Ilevro is a very effective once-a-day drug decreasing pain and inflammation after cataract surgery. These results compared favorably to a separate clinical trial showing another nonsteroidal ophthalmic drop, Prolensa that showed 44.5% of patients with 0 cell flare at two weeks.

Dr. Scoper and Virginia Eye Consultants are pleased to be involved in the process of bringing new drugs to our patients by participating in multi-center clinical trials. Dr. Scoper and his associates at Virginia Eye Consultants speak nationally and internationally about the results of these trials.


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