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What Our Doctors Are Saying About Dr. Okeke’s New Book

Here’s what our doctors at Virginia Eye Consultants have to say about Dr. Constance Okeke’s new book “The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery: Patient Selection.”

Dr. Okeke has produced an original and clinically precise compendium of essentially all of the knowledge necessary to successfully implement trabectome surgery.  This progenitor microincisional glaucoma procedure has revolutionized our own ambulatory surgery center over the past 7 years, with a trabectome in every OR, our cataract surgeons trained and qualified, and literally thousands of patients continuing to enjoy the improved diurnal pressure, convenience and ocular surface benefits of ab interno drainage rather than yet another topical hypotensive agent.  Dr. Okeke’s succinct dialogue with the fascinated reader and outstandingly organized data presentation are superseded only by her sincere enthusiasm for the well-being of every glaucoma patient.  Everyone at Virginia Eye Consultants breathes her quiet excitement, emulates her innovative spirit, absorbs her dedication to optimal outcomes and admires her heartfelt concern for everyone with glaucoma; qualities endowed through hard work and her eternal paternal inspiration.

John Sheppard, MD, M.M.Sc.   |   President, Virginia Eye Consultants   |   Professor of Ophthalmology, Eastern Virginia Medical School   |   Cornea and Cataract Surgery Specialist

As a Cornea and Anterior Segment surgeon, I was delighted to gain the nuanced insight and expertise that I believe only Dr. Okeke can offer in the realm of trabectome procedures. Who better than to learn from the mind of the truest trabectome expert who has performed over 7000 of these procedures! I have personally shared patients with Dr. Okeke within Virginia Eye Consultants, and I can attest to the fact that Dr. Okeke’s patients have very reproducible and long-lasting IOP-lowering responses from this MIGS procedures. I’ve been pleased to see how effective that a trabectome can be, all the while being so safe and easy for patients to recover from. This is what motivated me to start incorporating MIGS into my practice, and I’ve learned great clinical and technical pearls from this book. Cheers, Dr. Okeke, for a very worthwhile contribution to the Glaucoma sub-specialty! I fully trust that this will positively impact many ophthalmologists (not only Glaucoma sub-specialists), and help to stabilize and control the IOP of even more patients.

Elizabeth Yeu, MD   |   Partner, Virginia Eye Consultants   |   Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Eastern Virginia Medical School   |  Cornea, Cataract, Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery Specialist


This book is a “Must Read” for both optometrists and ophthalmologists when it comes to understanding MIGS! Dr. Okeke breaks it down into key learning pearls and easy to follow “Action Items” which is the most important part..taking the next step.  As optometrists, we need to have an understanding of these key procedures, like the Trabectome, to help improve the quality of life for our glaucoma patients. Dr. Okeke makes it easy.  This book will help to improve the care and services we can offer to our mutual patients.  Thanks Dr. Okeke!

Walter O. Whitley, OD, MBA, FAAO   |  Director of Optometric Services, Virginia Eye Consultants


As an optometrist, I found the clinical applications in this book to be easily accessible and something I can utilize when evaluating glaucoma patients who are ready for cataract surgery or progressing under traditional therapy. In this book, Dr. Okeke lays a framework for any provider to establish whether a patient is a good or sub-optimal candidate for Trabectome, but in doing so, delivers so many clinical pearls, it will make you re-evaluate how you systematically examine your daily glaucoma patients. It is an excellent reference for Trabectome, MIGS, and glaucoma care in general.

Christopher Kuc, OD  |   Virginia Eye Consultants


This book was very interactively written. It felt as if Dr. Okeke was talking to me. The book was a very welcomed and organized read on a topic that can become complex very quickly when writing about. From a new optometrists perspective, this was a very informative and easy to understand resource for Trabectome. It taught me a lot and walked me through the steps in understand patient selection, candidacy, tech­nique, post-operative, and realistic outcomes.

Jillian Janes, OD   |   Optometric Resident, Virginia Eye Consultants



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