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2020 Vision to Stop Diabetes

Brandon Newsome and Marianne Collins from Hampton Roads American Diabetes Association

Virginia Eye Consultants and the Hampton Roads American Diabetes Association have joined forces during April for Defeat Diabetes Month. Collaborating on “2020 Vision to Stop Diabetes,” we aim to reach, educate, and test 20% of the high-risk population in the Hampton Roads region by the year 2020.

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can be detected through eye exams and screenings. If you know you are at risk for diabetes, our doctors recommend scheduling regular eye exams and diabetic screenings that allow for early detection and prompt treatment. When left undiagnosed and unattended, individuals with diabetes can develop serious eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy that may ultimately lead to vision loss.

TiCanna Counts and Kristin Magruder from Virginia Eye Consultants

Together, Virginia Eye Consultants and the American Diabetes Association will visit workplaces all over the Hampton Roads area and provide free eye screenings to help detect the early warning signs of diabetes. People who exhibit signs of high-risk can learn how to be proactive about their health, and a team will be on-site to book follow-up appointments and communicate with primary care physicians.

To learn more about our effort to help stop diabetes and raise awareness in Hampton Roads, or if you would like to schedule a diabetic eye screening with one of our experienced doctors, please contact our office today.


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