World Class Specialty Eye Care Celebrating 55 years!

One large step for Dr. Okeke, one giant leap for Virginia Eye Consultants!

We are celebrating yet another advancement and achievement by our very own Glaucoma specialist, Dr. Constance Okeke, MD, MSCE. Dr. Okeke, being no stranger to both laser cataract surgeries and Trabectome glaucoma surgeries, has made new head way in combining the best of both technological advancements into one.
The ground breaking news started upon Dr. Okeke’s arrival to Virginia Eye Consultants, when Dr. Okeke became the first certified Trabectome Surgeon to provide the surgical technique. The Trabectome is a manually invasive procedure for glaucoma, in which the eye’s natural fluid balance is being restored. Dr. Okeke has secured the position as the only doctor in the area to take on the know-how and challenge of this advanced procedure.
Since then, Virginia Eye Consultants has obtained the newest technology in cataract surgeries with the laser- assisted cataract procedure. Our revolutionary laser technology provides unparalleled precision and safety, redefining cataract surgery in its entirety!
Dr. Okeke has taken the initiative to integrate both technology and technique by combining a laser cataract procedure along with a Trabectome glaucoma procedure, and the results speak for themselves! But rather than taking my word for it, take Dr. Okeke’s:
“With the Trabectome, this advanced glaucoma procedure gives patients the opportunity to lower pressure using the newest technology. Combined with laser technology, the patients can improve their vision and treat glaucoma. The benefits of combining both glaucoma and cataract surgery with laser technology and the Trabectome offers more precision, improves the sealing ability, efficiency of the incision, and over all quality combined in one surgical procedure.”
Often, we fear that once we commit to the newest technology, another ‘newer or better’ version appears. In the case of traditional cataract surgery combined with Trabectome vs. Laser cataract surgery, this is not the case! Both are effective, efficient, performed by a skilled physician, and prosper great results. In this progressive day and age, Dr. Okeke and Virginia Eye consultants never miss a beat.
“Even glaucoma and cataract procedures can continue to have new advances in technology that can allow for better outcomes.” -Dr. Constance O. Okeke, MD, MSCE

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