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Patient Testimonial: Barbara Cobb

Barbara Cobb suffered from an extreme form of dry eyes- a condition that can leave many of us feeling uncomfortable, frustrated, and helpless. Barbara, thrilled with her results by Virginia Eye Consultant’s Dr. Lago, has this to say about her experience:

“Suffering from dry eyes for longer than I can remember, I began to think there was no hope-no relief. I had been going to a Physician for many years that made my dry eye condition manageable, but not better. My Physician tried everything from tear duct surgeries to numerous drops, still there was no relief. I figured this was it; this was as good as my vision would get.
As fate had it, I came to Virginia Eye Consultants to get my cataracts removed by Dr. Stephen Scoper, but was unable to move forward until my dry eyes were under control. Dr. Scoper had referred me in-house to Dr. Dayna Lago, who in my opinion is the greatest! I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate her and all she has done for me! My eyes feel better than they have in many years: there is no more discomfort…my eyes shine! I can see so well, my eyes feel so good…this is truly magical! By Dr. Lago controlling my dry eyes, I was able to undergo my cataract surgery with Dr. Scoper. The whole experience is worth mentioning to everyone! Dr. Lago has improved my life greatly. Virginia Eye Consultants come highly recommended.”
Here at Virginia Eye Consultants, we pride ourselves on making a difference and providing quality care that changes lives. A special thanks to Barbara Cobb, for sharing her story! Interested in sharing yours? Email Sara Peterson at:

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