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Microinvasive Surgery: The Newest in Glaucoma Treatment

Although glaucoma can become a serious threat to eyesight if left untreated, technology for managing the progressive eye disease is better than ever. At Virginia Eye Consultants, our team utilizes state-of-the-art treatment options to better tailor care to accommodate your unique needs and lifestyle. To make the most of your options, it is crucial that you undergo routine screenings, especially if you are at risk for developing glaucoma. This could lead to detection of the disease in its early stages followed by prompt treatment to manage the problem.

Our ophthalmologist Dr. Constance Okeke emphasizes one type of solution in particular that has provided advanced potential in the scope of glaucoma treatment. Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery, also referred to as MIGS, is a branch of surgery that entails different techniques that provide a more efficient and comfortable treatment, as well as a faster recovery process. Our team offers this branch of glaucoma surgery at Virginia Eye Consultants through the iStent® and Trabectome procedures. Both help improve the eye’s drainage system to relieve pressure buildup that is characteristic of glaucoma, ultimately slowing the progression of potential vision loss.

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