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Serving Our Community

As I woke up to the sunrise on a recent Saturday morning, I knew the day would only get better.  I went for a run along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, walked along the sea foam and came back home to enjoy a cup of tea with my scrambled eggs.

As a fourth year extern new to Virginia, awaking every morning to the sun shining along the beach has been a dream.

But, for many in our community, the sun rising is just another signal that the search for necessities such as food has begun.

There are a number people without homes in this area; a number of people who are unsure of where their next meal is coming from.

As a way to help, the Virginia Eye Consultants team joined together to cook a community dinner at the Judeo Christian Outreach Center. With 30 pounds of chicken, 30 pounds of potatoes, 8 packs of bacon, 60 cans of green beans, 120 cupcakes, countless lemons and a ton of love.

A group of volunteers from our staff came together to create 120 meals.  We all worked simultaneously to create a dinner that you could dream about. I can say with full confidence that helping with this event made me a certified lemon zester and potato cutter, and that Thanksgiving has no idea what’s coming.

That Saturday with Virginia Eye Consultants was the greatest. I was able to serve the people of this town not only with love and smiles, but food. The guests were grateful and happy. They left with to-go plates, smiles on their faces and full bellies.

~ Leslie Gauntlett, Extern, Virginia Eye Consultants


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