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We’ve Teamed Up to Play Ball

Michael Ware, Practice Development Manager Michael Ware, Practice Development Manager

In the past, Virginia Eye Consultants had sponsored a co-ed softball team that included doctors, colleagues and friends within the company. Although there wasn’t a team last year, a decision was made to put the ball caps back on and team up for 2018.

Since then, the Virginia Eye Consultants softball team has been reunited, including a brand new name:  The Virginia Eye Ballers.

This is a 10 week season and games take place every Friday night. We’re matched up against other sponsored teams from the Hampton Roads region.

I grew up in a baseball and sports loving family. I started playing Tee-ball when I was 6 years old and continued onto baseball through my senior year of high school. Many years have passed since then and I’ve always wondered if I would ever have the opportunity to play on a sports team again. In fact, my wife can recall me frequently saying how I need to join a sports league of some kind. It wasn’t until last month when I heard that Virginia Eye Consultants would be putting together a softball team this year that, without hesitation, I signed myself up. We have an excellent team of doctors, colleagues and friends who I am thrilled to play ball with. We are one month into our softball season and I couldn’t be more excited to once again take the field every Friday night.

I think it’s a generous thing for a company to sponsor and make a sports team come to life for its employees. It’s a wonderful environment to be a part of and the team building opportunities are powerful. You get to cheer on your teammates and build confidence with one another.

Thank you Virginia Eye Consultants for believing in bringing a bit of fun to the game and for the opportunity to be a part of the Virgina Eye Ballers!

You just can’t beat the person who never gives up. –Babe Ruth

Michael Ware, Practice Development Manager



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