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Dr. Elizabeth Yeu, MDThis December, the Vanguard Ophthalmology Society focused on Dr. Elizabeth Yeu, MD, one of the founding members of the group for young, forward-thinking ophthalmologists. With the 10 founding members, the group came together to establish society values and initiatives, as well as a mission statement “of promoting excellence and advancement in ophthalmology through a collaboration of future leaders in our field.”

The Vanguard Ophthalmology Society brings together key thought leaders in the field who are in the early stages of their careers. The collaboration facilitates discussion on topics related to research and development, future medical and surgical therapeutics, diagnostics and everything from devices to practice development, ethics, and philanthropy. The idea was to find leaders in the young ophthalmology community who represented the future of ophthalmology [and] to unite them to help foster and develop the advancement of our specialty through innovative thought sharing.

Dr. Yeu is involved with several new technologies and has been involved both on the academic and private practice sides. “The one that I’ve really been working on has been astigmatism management, which has come into the limelight more so than ever before,” she said. Toric technology and femto phaco has helped to create another level of accuracy in astigmatism management. There are a number of devices and procedures under investigation and Dr. Yeu is staying abreast of these options as they emerge in the medical community.

The society offers a place to talk about aspects of the business side, practice side, and research side of ophthalmology. “The collaborations have been phenomenal in that way,” she said. “I never knew the traction of being part of a group where each member has that same focus of being able to say they love and are passionate about what they do,” Dr. Yeu said. “To be able to be a part of and listen to others who are innovative, technically and technologically, has been incredible.”

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