Catching Up with Last Season’s Strike Out Contest LASIK Winners

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At Virginia Eye Consultants, we’re dedicated to improving vision and we know that LASIK can be life changing. We are excited to once again partner with the Norfolk Tides to sponsor the 2018 Strike Out Contest, where we give four fans the opportunity to compete to win FREE LASIK. To celebrate our upcoming Strike Out contest, we checked in with some winners from previous years.

Contest Winners Discuss How Life Has Changed With LASIK

“One of the best things is waking up in the morning and not looking for glasses or putting in contacts.” David Jarret is enjoying the ease of life with LASIK. David had LASIK surgery with Dr. Steven Scoper after winning our 2017 LASIK Strike Out contest. Now he says mornings are a lot easier than when he had the hassle of a contact lens routine, “I literally get out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed and go. It’s just all around awesome to see without glasses or contacts.”

Sean-Patrick Hickey, another LASIK Strike Out contest winner, also had LASIK surgery with Dr. Scoper. For Sean-Patrick, “it really is a freeing experience all around.” He loves waking up in the morning and being able to see his family first thing without having to reach for glasses. He also says LASIK has been helpful in his career. “I have been working on my welding certifications in a way I never could have before. With contacts, you have to make sure you are not welding too long or getting too close to the weld so you don’t melt them. Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

After seeing how well LASIK worked for Sean-Patrick, his wife Rebecca gave it a shot too.

“I was scared to death about having the surgery,” she recalls. “Even after Sean-Patrick had his done and everything went fine, I was still having a lot of anxiety about the whole thing. Dr. Scoper is the nicest, and any fears I had remaining about the procedure were washed away with his confidence.”

The day of Rebecca’s procedure, she felt very excited and knew what to expect. “Everything that morning went smooth and I was all smiles when I was finished with the procedure. I went home and rested for a couple hours and I woke up and could SEE! Every day since then, my vision just seems to be getting better and better.” Rebecca was seeing 20/20 within a month of her surgery.

“LASIK has given me a freedom I forgot I lost —- MY SIGHT! No more looking for my glasses, or having irritated and dry eyes from being in contacts for 12-16 hours a day, no more wearing sunglasses over the top of regular glasses. Honestly, I ask myself all the time now why did I wait to get LASIK?! It is just hard to believe that for 20 years I couldn’t see the TV or a street sign and a fifteen minute procedure changed that all!”

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