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A New Perspective on Looking Forward…Giving Back

Some of you may be familiar with Virginia Eye Consultants’ annual Looking Forward…Giving Back program. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a program where our surgeons provide charitable eye procedures to people in the Hampton Roads community who are uninsured, underinsured or financially unable to pay for their procedure. We accept nominations from all over the community and select 50 patients who are in dire need of assistance.  This program means a great deal to all of us here at Virginia Eye Consultants and this was my first year experiencing the impact this program has.

One of this year’s recipients was recently interviewed by the ASCRS Foundation, and I had the pleasure of sitting in.

Kenneth’s story was truly uplifting and heartwarming.  He is a husband, father and a grandfather to a wonderful family.  His cataracts were so dense that he couldn’t see well enough to do the things he loved most.  He couldn’t drive to the store, go on outings by himself or take walks around the block with his grandchildren. His cataracts had developed to a point where it was a constant battle for him because he couldn’t see well enough to be independent.  It wasn’t until Virginia Eye Consultants’ Looking Forward…Giving Back program that his life was turned back around.  Now that Dr. Yeu has removed his cataracts and he can see clearly, he is living the life he once had before.

Kenneth’s story reminds me every day of what a wonderful organization Virginia Eye Consultants is.

My first year with Virginia Eye Consultants has been an amazing opportunity. I work with highly skilled and internationally known ophthalmologists and optometrists, a well-respected practice and an amazing team of colleagues. I’m grateful to be here and look forward to continuing my career in this field.

Michael Ware, Practice Development Manager



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