Sabrina Slam-Dunked Her Way Into #LivingLasikLife

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Sabrina is our 2018 LASIK Madness winner and we can’t wait to see where LASIK takes her.

From the young age of 14, Sabrina realized that she was having difficulty viewing the board at school from her seat in class. From that point forward, she had to wear contacts in order to see what she was learning in school and to carry out and participate in daily tasks. It wasn’t until several years later, she developed a terrible eye infection that deeply hindered her ability to wear her contacts. Due to this infection she had to switch to wearing glasses 24/7.

Sabrina is currently working as an LPN, and is on the track to become an RN, but having to wear glasses all day, every day began to affect her professional life. She spent time, that she would rather be doing something productive, having to clean her glasses constantly due to smudges and fog that would build up throughout the working day. Not to mention the annoyance that every person who wears glasses knows all too well; the glasses constantly slipping down/off your face. She then went into her optometrist at Eastern Virginia Eye Associates to see what her options were to help solve this issue. They then referred her to us here, at Virginia Eye Consultants, to get a free LASIK consultation. She decided she was going to go out on a limb and see what LASIK was all about.

When it came time for her consultation, Sabrina said that she was shocked that the appointment only took about two and a half hours (which included all diagnostics testing, doctor’s visit, and scheduling for the LASIK procedure). She thought she would have to come back for several appointments, but everything was taken care of in this one office visit.

When her surgery date arrived, Sabrina felt a tremendous amount of nerves, but, she said that when she got into the room, Dr. Scoper made her feel comfortable and talked to her throughout the whole procedure. The constant communication put her at ease and made the entire experience a positive one.

Sabrina had been struggling with her vision for 15 years, and LASIK has changed her life for the better. She is able to vividly see the world around her whereas before it was just a blur.

“A 10-minute procedure, and now I can see. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

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