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Old Friend, New Vision

Linda Buckley is no stranger to the life of wearing contacts and glasses. She has been near sighted since she was only 8 years old. Later in life, her vision began to decrease even more with the development of cataracts in both of her eyes. This began to affect her and her professional life as a graphic designer. Luckily, she knew just the man who could help her see clearly again; an old friend of her husband from med school, Dr. Stephen Scoper.

She flew all the way across the country to have Dr. Scoper, at Virginia Eye Consultants, remove her cataracts. Following her cataract surgery, she did not experience any pain or discomfort and she was thrilled to be able to so clearly.

“I was missing everything. All of the details really enrich life.”

She complimented the staff of the surgery center on their professionalism and friendliness, but, of course, her biggest thank you was to an old friend, Dr. Scoper.


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