Patrick, a Newport News Firefighter and our 2019 Focus on Our Heroes Winner, is Enjoying Life With LASIK

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Patrick's LASIK StoryPatrick is a firefighter with Station 10 for the Newport News fire department and he is amazed at how much LASIK has improved his vision while helping him keep his community safe. Patrick was a winner in Virginia Eye Consultants’ 2019 Focus on Our Heroes, a contest to award LASIK to a first responder in the Hampton Roads area.

Patrick was nominated for Focus on Our Heroes by a friend and colleague who has seen firsthand the dedication and hard work he puts into being a firefighter. His friend Kaitlyn has been inspired since their time at the fire academy by his selflessness, leadership, and ability to motivate others. But she also saw how much he struggled by having to wear contact lenses during firefighting, and the inconvenience of wearing glasses while on-call. Kaitlyn was grateful that she had LASIK herself before starting her career in firefighting, and she knew it could help Patrick.

After having LASIK at Virginia Eye Consultants, Patrick has a new outlook on life and less stress at work. He says, “when we get a fire call in the middle of the night, I don’t have to stress about being sure my contacts are in before putting my mask on. It makes my job easier and a lot less stressful knowing that I don’t have to worry about my vision.”

For many LASIK patients, being able to hop out of bed in the morning is one of the best parts of life with LASIK. Patrick has worn glasses for most of his life and after having LASIK being able to see when he wakes up in the morning has had an unexpected benefit. “Being able to see when I wake up has motivated me to start running again because I don’t have to worry about contacts. I find that I’m getting up earlier and being more productive.”

Patrick’s vision correction surgery was performed by Dr. Elizabeth Yeu, a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon at Virginia Eye Consultants. “Dr. Yeu is outstanding. She provides very good patient care. I was a little bit anxious because it’s my vision. Dr. Yeu was very reassuring and talked me through the whole procedure.”

After his LASIK surgery, Patrick rested for a couple of hours and, when he woke up, he noticed immediately how much better he could see. “My eyes were a little bit sensitive to light right after the surgery but after resting that afternoon that went away and there was no discomfort at all.”

Patrick continues to be amazed by how much better his vision is than it was before LASIK, even with glasses or contacts. “In my car I notice myself reading anything and everything I can from as far away as possible. I’m reading signs and license plates across parking lots. It’s like I keep trying to double check that I’m not dreaming because I see things I couldn’t read before with my contacts in. It’s extremely convenient and it’s just perfect.”

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