LASIK Jump-Started Kaitlyn’s Career

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Until a few years ago, Kaitlyn had worn glasses her entire life.  She started wearing them in first grade and, as a very active and athletic person, glasses and contacts were always in the way.

She also found that glasses and contacts were getting in the way of her lifelong career goal. She wanted to become a firefighter, but her vision was holding her back.  Thanks to having LASIK surgery at Virginia Eye Consultants, she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a firefighter.

Kaitlyn was one of just three women out of 18 people in her entire graduating class at the fire academy.  She recently joined Station 10 in Newport News and the job is a perfect fit for her.

“It’s fun.  Every day is different and you never know what’s coming,” said Kaitlyn.  “It’s really rewarding.”

She can’t imagine doing her job without having had LASIK.

“I’m so glad I had LASIK surgery before starting this career. You never know what a fire call is going to be like. You could be in the ambulance or the fire truck and you always need to have your glasses and contacts with you so you’re prepared for anything.”

If there’s a fire in the middle of the night, you have to grab your glasses on the fly and hope you have time to put your contacts in.  Thanks to LASIK, Kaitlyn can focus on her job instead of worrying about how she’s going to see.

LASIK even helps her during training exercises at the station.

“We do a lot of training wearing all of our equipment and trying out new tools.  The other day I was on a hundred foot ladder.  Other times we hike up four flights of stairs with 80 pounds of gear and 20 pounds of tools. I love the physical aspect of this job, and it was definitely worth it to have LASIK.”

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