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Amber’s Story: A Virginia Eye Consultants Patient Shares Her Experiences With Eyelid Surgery and Treatment for Retinal Detachment

“Virginia Eye Consultants really cares,” said Amber. “They want to make every patient’s experience the best that it can be every time they come in.” -Amber

Amber had noticed changes in the vision of her right eye, but she had never heard of retinal detachment. When she went to her annual eye exam, her optometrist told her that she should see an experienced ophthalmologist right away and referred her to Virginia Eye Consultants. “I had a black spot in the corner of my vision in my right eye. Basically, it was like a black shadow,” Amber recalled. “I felt like I was just seeing things and didn’t realize what it was. I’m very nearsighted but didn’t know how prone that made me to retinal detachments.” Retinal detachment is much more common in patients over 40; Amber was just 23, but her high level of nearsightedness put her at higher risk.

Amber was nervous when she went to see Dr. Rohit Adyanthaya (known as Dr. Roh), but she felt at ease once she met with him. She says, “He is the sweetest doctor. After he checked my vision, he said my retina was detached. I didn’t know anything about what that meant and I started bawling, I was so scared. He let me cry and said ‘I understand you’re scared, but I need to tell you what’s going on.’ He explained why it happened and what my options were. He took his time to make sure I understood everything I needed to.”

During Amber’s retinopexy surgery, Dr. Roh told her what was happening during each step of the procedure. For Amber, “It was very comforting and helped me to stay calm. Basically, he injected a gas bubble into my eye that pressed against the retina and forced it back into place. It required me to keep my head at an angle for 10 days to be sure the bubble would hold the retina in place. The surgery worked because he made it very clear that I needed to do what I was supposed to do so the surgery would work the way it needed to. He was right!”

What is a Retinal Detachment?

The retina is the layer of tissue in the back of the eye that sends visual messages from the optic nerve to the brain. When it detaches or is torn from its normal position, it can cause permanent vision loss if not promptly treated.

A tear or detachment in the retina is extremely serious. Pain is typically not felt when a retinal tear or detachment occurs and it is very important to seek the help of an ophthalmologist as soon as symptoms arise. Having a regular eye exam each year also helps with early detection. Dr. Rohit Adyanthaya and Dr. David Salib offer advanced treatment options at Virginia Eye Consultants that can be very effective for many patients.

Better Vision After Eyelid Surgery

Amber had a drooping right eyelid, a condition called ptosis, which was interfering with her vision. She had eyelid surgery with Dr. Thomas Joly at Virginia Eye Consultants to correct the droopy lid. “Dr. Joly is so incredibly nice. He’s encouraging and energetic. I was very excited that the drooping was possible to fix. During surgery, Dr. Joly let me know what was going on every step of the way. The surgery was very quick. It took 40 minutes total from prep to completion.”

Amber’s healing progressed well and she was able to go back to work in just a couple of days. “I had a great experience. My surgery was on Monday morning and I went back to work on Wednesday. There was a little bruising but there was more swelling than anything. I slept elevated to help prevent the swelling.” Amber followed all post-operative instructions and was cleared by her doctor to go on vacation 8 days after surgery. “The lid lift by Dr. Joly really gave me a confidence boost. The ptosis was something I truly dreaded about myself and he helped make it perfect!”

Experienced, Patient-Focused Eye Care in Hampton Roads

Amber is grateful for the level of care she received at Virginia Eye Consultants and says, “I realize the passion and the hard work and the amount of care that goes into each patient.” Contact us if you’re looking for caring, comprehensive vision care in Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, or Virginia Beach.


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