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Jay C. Starling, M.D.

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Getting to Know Dr. Starling

Dr. Jay Starling is one of few surgeons in Virginia with dual certification by the American Board of Eye Surgery (ABES) in both cataract and lens implant surgery as well as LASIK and refractive surgery. Dr. Starling first came to the Hampton Roads area while serving in the Navy as the Medical and Radiation Health Officer aboard a nuclear powered guided missile cruiser. Following his ophthalmology residency training at Bethesda Naval Hospital, he returned as a Staff Ophthalmologist assigned to the Portsmouth Naval Hospital. There, he and another surgeon introduced cutting-edge posterior chamber lens implant surgery to the professional community. Ever since, Dr. Starling has strived to be a leader in both cataract and refractive surgery. He performed the first no-stitch cataract surgery in Hampton Roads, a technique which is now the gold standard worldwide.

Throughout his career, Dr. Starling has authored textbooks and articles covering a variety of topics at the forefront of ophthalmology, including refractive corneal surgery before it gained popularity. He has authored and co-authored several scientific papers which have appeared in peer-reviewed professional journals.

Not one to pass on adventure, Dr. Starling once lived in Cairo, Egypt where he performed charity eye surgeries almost every day for three months. The vast majority of those patients were blinded by extremely advanced, complicated cataracts, the likes of which are rarely seen by doctors in the U.S.

Though he is devoted to delivering the best possible care for his patients, Dr. Starling has many interests outside of medicine and enjoys challenging himself with new projects. Years ago, he became an amateur architect and designed his own home down to the tiniest detail, making drawings late into the night after a long day’s work. And believe it or not, the house is still standing! In 2009, he designed and built a custom library which won the Grand Prize in the Virginian Pilot DIY contest. Cutting-edge practice in ophthalmology demands a detailed understanding of advanced optics as well as a steady hand and attention to detail and precision in surgery. Some years ago, Dr. Starling applied these skills to his fascination with astronomy. Utilizing a novel optical configuration developed by a designer of world-class observatories, he designed and built a huge telescope. The hand-made optics, crafted to tolerances in the millionths of an inch, offer stunning views of the heavens. In his younger days, Dr. Starling was a highly competitive butterfly swimmer. These days, he still swims daily (timed interval butterfly) to stay in shape. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, gourmet cooking and fine wine (and of course, he designed and built his own wine cellar). He has two grown children and five grandchildren. His son, Craig, is an orthodontist, practicing in Nashville. His daughter, Leigh, is a pharmaceutical rep. who lives in Wilmington, NC. Dr. Starling and his wife reside in Virginia Beach.


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