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Posterior Capsulotomy

Posterior capsulotomy is a surgical procedure that may be necessary after cataract surgery. If your vision diminishes months after cataract surgery, it is important to consult your optometrist or surgeon. If a cloudy or wrinkled capsule (the cellophane-like lining around a cataract) is discovered, a posterior capsulotomy may be recommended.

What happens during Posterior Capsulotomy?

During posterior capsulotomy, a special laser is targeted at the back of the capsule to make a small opening. The procedure is painless and takes several minutes to complete. It is performed on an outpatient basis. You should notice improved vision quickly. Anti-inflammatory eye drops are often prescribed for three days following the procedure. Normal activities can usually be resumed immediately.

Can there be complications?

As with any surgical procedure, complications in rare cases can arise, including:


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