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Virginia Eye Consultants Optometric Residency Program – A Golden Opportunity

Dr. Jillian JanesDr. Jillian Janes (left) is completing her residency at Virginia Eye Consultants.

One of the greatest aspects of working in the healthcare field is that there are always opportunities to learn and further your knowledge in your specific profession. Education, technology and research are ever evolving and, in order to best take care of your patients, you have to keep up-to-date in these areas.

Graduating from optometry school was a big accomplishment – but I knew I wanted further advanced training. That is why I decided to complete a postgraduate residency in ocular disease and ocular/refractive surgery at Virginia Eye Consultants. I naturally gravitated toward ocular disease and medical optometry during my training, and when the opportunity came to complete a residency program here at Virginia Eye Consultants I jumped at it without hesitation.

Residency is optional in the field of optometry but it is starting to become a more popular choice after graduation. Completing an optometric residency provides the optometrist with the opportunity to train under experts in their respective fields, which is an invaluable tool as experience and hands on learning often surpass what a textbook and classroom can teach you. This is one of the reasons I sought after the position here at VEC.

The ophthalmologists and optometrists who work here are among the best in the nation and the technology they use in the clinic and surgery center is top-notch. I have the opportunity to work alongside the surgeons in clinic and observe them in the operating room. I have been extensively trained in postoperative care of patients in areas of refractive, cataract, glaucoma, retina, oculoplastic and corneal surgeries. With the span of specialties that we have here, we see an extensive range of eye conditions as well as emergent cases daily. The optometrists here are also all residency trained and practice at a very advanced level. They have passed their experiences and knowledge on to me and I am so very grateful for them. I am honored and proud to be a part of the team of doctors here at Virginia Eye Consultants and they have all contributed to the optometrist that I have become.

~ Jillian Janes, OD


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