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Through the Eyes of Our Optometric Externs

Our optometric externs Austin, Emily and Cameron share what their learning experience has been like at Virginia Eye Consultants.

On behalf of the optometric externs, we appreciated how the doctors at Virginia Eye Consultants have thrown us into the “deep end” and allowed us the autonomy that students at other externship sites may not have been afforded.

For example, we are allowed to order tests and perform procedures such as dilation and irrigation for excessive tearing, foreign body removals, cultures on corneal ulcers, etc., while other optometry students may not to exposed to these procedures as frequently.  The doctors have challenged our efficient clinical skills as well as processing, judgment and diagnosis – all while providing guidance.

From day one, the Virginia Eye Consultants’ staff from the front desk to the techs and ophthalmologists have made us feel comfortable in a high intensity practice working closely with various specialists in cornea, glaucoma, uveitis, oculoplastics and retina.  The ability to watch surgeries that we would not otherwise experience first-hand gave us a full circle understanding of the level of care that we will be involved with in the coming years.

We can say with confidence that Virginia Eye Consultants has prepared us for the working world as a doctor more than any experience we have had thus far. Our future colleagues, Dr. Koetting, Dr. Whitley, Dr. Kruthoff and Dr. Schiffbauer have kept us involved with the local optometric associations and helped us network during our short stint here.

Dr. Flynt and Dr. Smyth have offered more personal insight since arriving as residents and have confirmed that Virginia Eye Consultants is one of the most prestigious sites to serve as an extern. The lessons we have learned here will surely follow us throughout our careers.

Thank you Virginia Eye Consultants!

~ Austin, Emily and Cameron


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