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Why Do Diabetic Patients Need Regular Eye Exams?


People with good eyesight often don’t make routine eye exams a top priority. They may think that since they aren’t having any issues, they don’t need to see a doctor. Unfortunately, this mindset can cause preventable conditions to become severe problems. having regular eye exams is an essential part of preserving your eye and vision health, which is especially true for those living with diabetes, since they are at a higher risk for certain eye diseases.

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month, and our team at Virginia Eye Consultants is determined now more than ever to raise awareness of the importance of diabetic patients having regular eye exams. By doing so, conditions can potentially be detected at their earliest stages, allowing for timely treatment.

Two of the most common eye diseases that occur as we age are glaucoma and cataracts. Both gradually develop without obvious symptoms, and although treatable, they can cause vision loss and even blindness if not addressed early enough. In addition to these, diabetic patients can develop diabetic retinopathy, which occurs when the blood vessels of the retina become abnormal and are either blocked or leak fluid or blood into the retina. This condition can occur in anyone with diabetes, and by not undergoing routine exams, it can go unnoticed until it has caused vision loss.

Regular comprehensive eye exams are the only way to diagnosis these potentially dangerous conditions and get treatment as early as possible. Diabetic eye exams, specifically, can be a smart way to detect symptoms before they arise—whether you are living with diabetes or not. After all, eye exams could be the first clue that you have diabetes, allowing you to better manage your health long-term.

Contact your eye doctor to schedule your yearly eye exam and learn more about how you can protect your vision while living with diabetes.


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