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What Can I Do to Treat Dry Eye?

2With July being Dry Eye Awareness Month, our team is committed, more than ever, to helping spread the word on the chronic condition and how it can be treated. As an Accredited Dry Eye Center of Excellence, our staff utilizes advanced diagnostic methods to figure out the patient’s underlying cause of dry eye and ultimately find the most effective solution available.

For individuals with mild dry symptoms, your doctor may recommend an at-home therapy, such as artificial tears, HydroEye®, lid hygiene products, warm compresses, and/or prescription eye drops like RESTASIS®. We understand that visiting the pharmacy can be a bit overwhelming since there are so many eyecare products and brands available. To eliminate this stress, we have added an online store to our website that only includes eye care products selected by our doctors based on their research, personal experience, and the product effectiveness.

While these treatments can be sufficient for many dry eye sufferers, certain individuals may require more in-depth treatment. At Virginia Eye Consultants, we offer three new groundbreaking FDA-approved dry eye treatments! These state-of-the-art solutions are performed in our office in just 12 minutes or less and are all virtually painless procedures.

Each of these solutions has proven to be an effective method for resolving dry eye disease. If you would like more information about our treatments, and to learn which solution is best for your needs, please contact us to set up an appointment with one of our eye care specialists.


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