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“My eyes were burning, raw, and sticky. It was ruining my golf game!” Connie laughed as she shared the struggle she went through with dry eye symptoms. Connie was able to find relief from chronic dry eyes with treatment from Dr. John Sheppard at Virginia Eye Consultants.

The symptoms of dry eye disease can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Connie says, “I had trouble with excessive tearing and there was no improvement, no relief.” Excessively watery eyes happen when dry eyes cause the lacrimal glands to overproduce tears. Connie also suffered from burning, dryness and blurred vision.

When Connie’s husband needed cataract surgery, a friend recommended Virginia Eye Consultants. Connie was so impressed by the care her husband received that she began to hope for a better quality of vision for herself. “When my husband came to the practice, I saw the level of care in Virginia Eye Consultants’ five-star approach. I figured since they helped my husband, they might be able to help me.”

Treatment For Dry Eyes

“Dr. Sheppard’s dry eye treatment plan has worked! Everyone at Virginia Eye Consultants is very precise in what they do; from the front desk to testing, everyone asks the right questions and listens.” -Connie, Virginia Eye Consultants Patient

At Virginia Eye Consultants, Connie finally found relief from dry eyes. Proper management of Connie’s severe dry eye condition has restored her quality of life and given her the opportunity to engage in activities that are very near and dear to her heart, such as her volunteering for her local Fire and Rescue Department. With Connie’s renewed ocular comfort, she and the other volunteers are able to ensure the rehab ambulance they run is fully stocked with emergency response supplies to help aid the firefighters. One of her key responsibilities is ensuring food, water, tents, and cots are ready to go at a moment’s notice. Six years ago, she stumbled upon this unique volunteer opportunity when those very firefighters saved her son’s life. Connie dreams of one day driving the ambulance, which, thanks to Dr. Sheppard’s help with her dry eye, can now become a reality.

Not only is Connie playing at the top of her game on the golf course again, she’s completing first responder training and can also now see clearly when she knits at night.

“I am so happy to have found a dry eye treatment plan that works. I will forever be thankful to the friend who recommended Virginia Eye Consultants.”

Are You Suffering From Dry Eyes?

Virginia Eye Consultants is a TearLab Accredited Dry Eye Center and our experienced eye doctors are dry eye specialists. If you suffer from irritated, red, watery eyes, you may have dry eye disease. Take our Dry Eye Self Evaluation Quiz or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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