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Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery


Cataract surgery is one of the most common eye surgeries performed at Virginia Eye Consultants. Patients come from all over to seek the expertise of our highly experienced eye doctors, who are skilled in both traditional and laser cataract surgery. Although the traditional procedure can provide exceptional results for those experiencing cloudy vision due to cataracts, our team at Virginia Eye Consultants has been thrilled to offer the enhanced solution that utilizes revolutionary laser technology.

Our board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Elizabeth Yeu recently spoke on this state-of-the-art procedure, revealing why it is such an exciting advancement in the field of eye care. “[With] the technologies that are now available to us – specifically with laser cataract surgery, and the various lenses and options that are available – we are able to give a better quality of vision to our patients.

While traditional cataract surgery offers great results, laser surgery holds unique benefits for patients. For example, our eye doctors can more accurately plan the surgery and perform with better precision. The procedure is also considered safer, due to so much of the surgery being automated, which can potentially improve the outcome. Using advanced laser technology as well as the latest intraocular lenses (IOLs), our skilled eye doctors can provide the most predictable and clear results yet.

With laser cataract surgery, you can pick your vision for the rest of your life. Whether you suffer from cataracts alone, or also a refractive error, we can help you restore your vision so it no longer gets in the way of living your best life.


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