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Tearing in Adults

Tears are produced through the lacrimal glands to help lubricate your eyes and keep them healthy. As new tears are created, the old ones drain out of the eye through small openings in the eyelid (called puncta). They then pass into the lacrimal sac and through the tear duct. From here, the tears drain into the nose and throat, which is why our noses tend to run when we cry. If you suffer from excessive tearing, a condition known as epiphora, your lacrimal glands may be over-producing tears, or a blockage in the tear drainage system may be present.

At Virginia Eye Consultants, we can help you determine the underlying cause of your watery eyes and, therefore, the appropriate treatment method for alleviating the problem.

Causes of Excessive Tearing

Excessive tearing in adults can be persistent or sporadic, depending on the specific cause. There are several reasons why you may be experiencing the overabundance of tears, which may include

To determine why you may be suffering from excessive tearing, and select the most effective treatment, your eye doctor may do one or more of the following:

Treatment for Excessive Tearing

Once the cause of your excessive tearing has been established, your doctor can determine which of the following solutions may provide the best outcome for your eye health:

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