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All-laser LASIK is a very affordable procedure. It has become the number one elective medical procedure performed in the United States today. Because it is an elective procedure, most insurance companies do not offer it in their medical coverage. Therefore, the patient is responsible for the costs associated with the procedure. Virginia Eye Consultants makes it possible to enjoy a life free from corrective lenses. We offer our patients a variety of affordable options in paying for their all-laser LASIK as well as other eye care procedures.

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Each Surgical Fee Includes

  1. A very thorough pre-procedure examination and a series of diagnostic tests.
  2. Post-procedure eye care that includes a series of examinations for the duration of 12 months following your procedure. These post-procedure exams can be done at Virginia Eye Consultants’ office or the office of your referring optometrist.

Comparing the costs associated with wearing corrective lenses over a five-year period to the cost of LASIK laser vision correction, patients quickly discover that having their procedure performed at Virginia Eye Consultants makes real financial sense – the consultation is free, the procedure quick and painless, and the results are life changing.

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We offer our patients several attractive financing options that make achieving great vision a very real, affordable possibility. For details, please call our knowledgeable patient counselors today at (800) 679-1541!

Your Medical Spending Account or Flex Plan

Although LASIK is typically not covered by insurance, the procedure can often be funded with the help of a Medical Spending Account (MSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Flex Plan (FP). These accounts are offered by most employers and can make paying for LASIK surgery more manageable. This money is taken out of your paycheck before taxes, which can result in savings each year. Should you choose to utilize a health care spending account, you can typically use the set-aside money for yourself or immediate family members.

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Flex Dollars: “Use Them or Lose Them”

Due to IRS regulations, the money transferred to your MSA, FSA or FP must be used within a year. Any amount leftover will not carry into the next year, causing you to lose the saved money. Additionally, your employer cannot return the remaining money. With this in mind, why not use your tax-free savings on achieving clear vision?

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