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Dr. Stacey Flynt

It has been almost two months into my residency at Virginia Eye Consultants and I have already learned more than I could have imagined! Virginia Eye Consultants provides optometry residents with a unique experience. As a resident, you are exposed to a wide variety of ocular diseases and conditions that you wouldn’t get the chance to encounter in many other eye care settings.

In my short time here thus far, I have learned how to properly manage pre- and post-operative cataract patients as well as treat and manage many conditions such as herpes virus keratitis, corneal ulcers, adenovirus conjunctivitis, cranial nerve palsies, and papilledema. In addition to being exposed to these conditions, I have the opportunity to work closely with the ophthalmologists in their different specialties. I have worked with Dr. Sheppard and Dr. Cheung to manage fungal corneal ulcers and severe keratoconus, and have shadowed Dr. Scoper as he counsels patients on IOL options for cataract surgery.

In the near future I will have the opportunity to observe the ophthalmologists in surgery. I think working closely with the ophthalmologists is a critical component to this residency, as it allows me to have a better understanding of the way they perform different procedures and manage different conditions, which, in turn, will allow me to provide more complete care to patients before and after they see the specialist. The strong relationship between the optometrists and ophthalmologists at Virginia Eye Consultants is one of the reasons I pursued this residency. The ability of the doctors and staff to work as a team is the main reason why we are able to provide such great care to our patients.

Another component to this residency is volunteering my time at Chesapeake Care Clinic, where I provide comprehensive eye exams to those in need. This is a very rewarding experience knowing that I am able to help those who wouldn’t otherwise receive any eye care. It is a nice change of pace and I am able to provide these patients with glasses prescriptions to help them see their best.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by staff who truly care about helping and doctors who truly care about teaching. I have no doubt that I will grow personally and intellectually through this wonderful experience and I am looking forward to the rest of this residency year!

~ Dr. Stacey Flynt, Optometric Resident, Virginia Eye Consultants

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