Laser Cataract Surgery

The team of surgeons at Virginia Eye Consultants is pleased to announce we were the first practice in Virginia and the 13th in the nation to offer the latest advancement in cataract laser surgery.

Our revolutionary laser technology is an advanced, precision-based technology that operates with unmatched accuracy and computer control, helping us to customize your LifeStyle Lens® cataract procedure to your unique vision needs. Our laser technology, in conjunction with one of our LifeStyle Lens® cataract procedure options, offers the most technologically advanced procedure for cataract patients.

Our cataract laser technology revolutionizes the way today’s cataract surgery is performed. Until now, cataract surgery required the use of a manual surgical blade, but with recent FDA approval, selected cataract surgeons across the country can utilize the this revolutionary laser technology and eliminate the need for a surgical blade. This laser approach to cataract surgery allows your surgeon to further improve the accuracy and predictability of the procedure, providing patients increased precision and faster healing time.

Patients have asked for years, “When will you be able to remove my cataract by laser?” At Virginia Eye Consultants, we are pleased to confirm this concept is now a reality. The most advanced laser cataract procedure is available at Virginia Eye Consultants.

Our surgeons are honored to have been selected as the first practice in Virginia with the this revolutionary laser technology, chosen for their extensive cataract experience and international reputation as leaders in eye care.

We invite you to call and learn more about this laser technology and our LifeStyle Lens® cataract procedures. Click here or Call 1(800) 321-3937 now to schedule your consultation with one of our surgeons and learn about your options to eliminate cataracts.