LASIK Patient Testimonials

Featured LASIK Patients of Virginia Eye Consultants

  • Nicole

    Nicole “I had a great experience at Virginia Eye Consultants. Lisa helped schedule the surgery for my LASIK and answered any questions I had. She was very helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I had a great experience. Dr. Scoper is very reassuring if you are at all nervous about your surgery. Although I wasn’t in lain and had 20/20 vision the day after surgery, I had a bit of inflammation afterwards and had to be seen several times. Dr. Whitley and Dr. Scoper both kept a close eye on me to make sure I would recover well. They were so helpful and really made me feel like I wasn’t just another patient coming through. I’ve already recommended them to many friends and will continue to do so in the future.” – Nicole, LASIK Patient

  • Ashley C.

    “I had a fantastic experience with Virginia Eye Consultants and Dr. Scoper. I had Lasik yesterday, and am already seeing great. They take fantastic care of their patients, from start to finish. And Lisa bakes the most amazing cupcakes for you after your surgery! So glad my cousin (who is also an eye surgeon – but in another state) recommended Dr. Scoper and Virginia Eye Consultants.” – Ashley C., LASIK Patient

  • Elizabeth O’Donnell

    Elizabeth O'Donnell “I got Lasik done yesterday by Dr Scoper. The staff was great answered all my questions. I was very anxious about getting it done and the doctor and the staff helped calm me down. I can see perfect now. I’m so glad I went here.” – Elizabeth O’Donnell, LASIK Patient

  • Johnny Squillaci

    Johnny S“20/20 already! Anyone interested in LASIK I recommened Dr. Scooper!! The staff here is awesome and friendly! Highly recommend to anyone!” – Johnny Squillaci, LASIK Patient

  • Nathan Harris

    Nathan Harris “Had the surgery yesterday with Dr. Scoper and I woke up today with 20/20 vision! The staff, as well as the docNathan Harristor were all very polite and helpful when I had any questions. I am very pleased with my experience with Virginia Eye Consultants! Thanks for changing my life!” – Nathan Harris, LASIK Patient

  • Lauren Mentz

    “I am only two days from my LASIK surgery which was performed by Dr. Stephen Scoper and I couldn’t be happier. I have gone from complete dependence upon glasses to 20/15 vision. The entire process was absolutely professional and courteous. The staff, from reception to surgeon, were friendly and extremely informative on the entire process. Most noteworthy was Leasa Meroney for her comforting, personal approach in guiding me through every step of the process. Finally, the facility was impressive and outfitted with the latest technology. Thank you, Virginia Eye Consultants, for literally changing my life for the better.” – Lauren Mentz, LASIK Patient

  • LASIK Patient

    Take a perfect shot, without glasses being in the way!




  • Justin Byars

    Justin Byars VEC LASIK Patient

    Happy LASIK patient, Justin Byars, with Dr. Yeu.   Another one day post-op patient with 20/20 LASIK outcome!




  • LASIK Patient


    Deployed around the world with no restriction to sight. An 8 month deployment is tough on glasses or contacts. Catching the sight of the seas and sights with your own eyes is a magnificent gift to behold. Priceless! Thx Dr. Scoper, VA Eye Consultants.



  • Melissa Henderson

    Melissa Henderson VEC LASIK Patient

    Dr. Yeu with happy LASIK patient, Melissa Henderson, seeing 20/20 one day post-op after LASIK!



  • LASIK Patient


    Seeing in the greatest clarity, one of the most beautiful places our wonderful country has to offer, Washington National Cathedral. I see something new every time I visit and am amazed by the splendor and beauty contained on this property.



  • Codie Marth

    Codie Marth VEC LASIK Patient

    “I highly recommend LASIK with Dr. Scoper!”




  • LASIK Patient


    Standup Paddleboarding! I spent 10 years trying to get LASIK. Every doctor said my cornea tissue was too thin, astigmatism too great, and too bad of a prescription. Couldn’t see the E. Referred to Dr. Scoper by a LASIK surgeon and he could do it!


  • Thea Shaw

    Thea Shaw VEC LASIK Patient

    Happy LASIK patient, Thea Shaw, with Dr. Yeu.  Thea was very nearsighted (-10) before her procedure at Virginia Eye Consultants!




  • LASIK Patient


    I am able to see the love of my life, the beauty around me clearer then any contact\glasses have ever allowed me. I can even see the waves coming at me now. (:



  • Bobby Wilder


    I appreciate your expertise, professionalism and concern for my vision! I applaud all the good folks that work with you for their service.


  • LASIK Patient


    Because of my LASIK I was able to swim with dolphins on my honeymoon.


  • Kristen Gurekovich


    I chose to fly from New London, CT, to Norfolk, VA, because of the level of comfort I felt with Virginia Eye Consultants. Your sight is so important. You never want to take any risk with your vision. Dr. Scoper did my PRK procedure and walked me through each step. It took about ten to fifteen minutes per eye, and I felt no pain. My favorite thing about my new vision, besides the fact that I am now able to become a pilot, is that my daily routine is much quicker. I literally don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

  • James and Larraine Henning

    We just want to compliment all the staff at Virginia Eye Consultants for an outstanding job, and highly recommended. Dr. Scoper does a complete top to bottom exam. Michael, Karen, Bonnie…and all the staff at the different departments have done an OUTSTANDING JOB…not just the first time, every check up. Virginia Eye Consultants is number one and 5 STAR!! Thank you for a WELL DONE JOB TO ALL!

  • LASIK Patient


    No contacts!!! :)





  • John Killers

    Going for an eye consultation at Virginia Eye Consultants was the best medical decision I ever made. The whole experience–from consultation though the post “All-Laser” Lasik operation–was top notch and professional. Dr. Scoper talked me though the whole procedure before and during the operation which really made me feel at ease. Words cannot describe how great it feels to wake up for the first time in 40 years without fumbling for glasses or contacts to start the morning.

  • LAISK Patient


    Follow my dreams and take the SEAL challenge



  • Patient Testimonial: Jenny Davis

    Five years ago, I was in an inconceivable amount of pain.  My eye was very swollen and it felt like every nerve around my eyeball was screaming. I just can’t put into words how much it hurt. No one knew why…until I was sent to Dr. Sheppard at Virginia Eye Consultants.

    I was the first patient Dr. Sheppard had ever seen with the Acanthamoeba eye virus.

    Because the virus is so rare, it was difficult to find the medication I needed to stop the virus. Fortunately, Dr. Sheppard did some research and found eye drops overseas that would help. After one year of using the eye drops and having very regular visits with Dr. Sheppard, the infection was gone!

    Although the virus was gone, there was still a lot of damage and scarring left on my cornea. To fully repair my vision, Dr. Sheppard performed a cornea transplant.

    He was absolutely incredible. I can see again, and I’m no longer in pain. I tell everyone…Dr. Sheppard is the best of the best!

    I’ll be using anti-rejection drops for the rest of my life, and I still go back every six to eight months to check in with Dr. Sheppard. He’s very thorough with everything he does, and carefully monitors my vision and the health of my eye.

    Everyone at VEC is very friendly. The staff is remarkable. I visited so many times that first year, I was on a first-name basis with everyone there! Some of them still remember me and say hello when I come in for my check up.

    I’m extremely careful with my eyes now. I never want to go through such pain again. But if I do, I know just where to go!

    I’d recommend VEC to anyone.

    –Jenny Davis

  • Patient Testimonial: Joanie Needham

    Good afternoon, VEC,

    I had a great experience with VEC this morning as a new patient. When I walked into your lobby, I was immediately greeted, kindly and professionally. My wait was never very long and everyone who assisted me along the way performed in a most professional, experienced and friendly manner. I noticed everyone around me was also receiving the same wonderful service.

    The atmosphere is warm, comfortable and inviting. I just love the décor and the ambience. I remember reading that the VEC staff participates in an annual training seminar from the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center. From design to service, I must say Virginia Eye Consultants is very Ritz Carlton-like.

    Thank you so much. I am thrilled to (finally!) be a patient of VEC!

    As an aside, Dr. Lago was wonderful.

    Take care,

    Joanie Needham