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Can I use money from my Flexible Spending Account for LASIK?

Can I use money from my Flexible Spending Account for LASIK? Yes, you can. A Flexible Spending Account (Flex or FSA) allows employees to deduct money pre-tax out of each paycheck to pay for medical expenses. And while spending pre-tax dollars through your Flex Account, you can still take advantage... Read More

Frequently Asked Question: Does LASIK Hurt?

Most LASIK patients tell us they can’t believe how fast and painless the procedure is. In preparation for your LASIK surgery, we’ll administer some anesthetic eye drops that numb your eyes. As a result, you’ll only feel a slight pressure on the eye and perhaps some mild discomfort from the... Read More

Frequently Asked Question: Is LASIK safe?

The FDA has approved LASIK as a safe and effective procedure. It is important to remember, though, that LASIK isn’t right for everybody. If someone isn’t a good candidate for LASIK, they could have less than optimal results. That’s why Virginia Eye Consultants offers a free consultation to anyone considering... Read More

Can I Use My Flex Spending Dollars on LASIK?

Yes, Flex Plans are a great way to pay for LASIK, and one that many can use but few even know about. Your Flex Plan is essentially a zero down, zero percent financing plan provided by many employers.  You have guaranteed approval with no credit check, and you pay for... Read More

Is LASIK Covered by Insurance?

Many health insurance companies consider LASIK an “elective” or “cosmetic” procedure, meaning your life does not depend on having the treatment. Some health insurance policies may cover LASIK surgery, or at least a portion of it. Many will not, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. If your procedure is... Read More

Who is eligible for LASIK?

Who is eligible for LASIK? Due to recent advances in technology, there are fewer restrictions on who can receive LASIK than there were when it was first invented. Now, most patients who wear corrective lenses are good candidates for LASIK. While there are still people whose medical conditions and vision... Read More

Virginia Eye Consultants Receives “Roaring 20” Award from Inside Business

Virginia Eye Consultants is honored to receive a 2012 “Roaring 20” award from Inside Business. “The Roaring 20 Award not only highlights the region’s fastest-growing companies, but also shares stories of determination, perseverance and fortitude,” Inside Business writes. The Roaring 20 award dinner was held at the Westin Town Center... Read More

VEC's "PINK OUT" Fundraiser for Susan G. Komen for the Cure

In celebration of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the VEC staff held an office-wide "PINK OUT" fundraiser for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Every staff member who donated enjoyed "dressing down" in pink.  It was great to show our support for such an important cause with so many LASIK... Read More

For $99, Receive a $1,500 Discount on Bilateral All Laser LASIK

As announced on’s Daily Deal site, Virginia Eye Consultants is currently offering a limited time offer on LASIK surgery, now through Thursday, November 1. For $99, receive a $1,500 discount on bilateral All Laser LASIK! Click this link to get the deal: Find out if you are a... Read More

VEC Employee Takes Medical Mission Trip to Africa

VEC helped fund employee Erin Allen’s medical mission trip to Africa. Erin collected several hundred pairs of donated and new reading glasses before she left, then distributed them in the small towns she visited. The following is Erin’s description of her trip: Our trip was amazing. I wish I could... Read More

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