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4 Great NBA Players Who Improved their game with LASIK

The life of an NBA player is tough. Professional basketball players spend years practicing and working out to stay fit and competitive. They must sacrifice their time and energy to constantly improve, and these demands can be both physically and mentally challenging. Add poor vision to the mix and things get exponentially harder. Glasses are dangerous in such a physical sport and can be a nuisance to players. Although contacts can be a better option, dirt and sweat can still get in the player’s eyes, interfering with their vision and ability to play.

LASIK Is A Slam Dunk for Basketball Players

LASIK eliminates the need for glasses and contacts while allowing professional athletes to concentrate on their competition. With only a few days needed for healing and less than a month for a full recovery, athletes can be back on the court and competing in no time. +On top of being a safe surgical option, LASIK has even been shown to improve the performance and shooting statistics for professional basketball players!

Corrective eye surgery has given some of the greatest basketball legends the chance to dominate on the court without the pesky interference of glasses or contacts. Here are four great NBA players who would be struggling with glasses without the help of LASIK:

1. Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat)

Dwyane Wade had many reasons to fear LASIK eye surgery. With his vision worth about $18.5 million a year, he had a lot to lose if the surgery was not successful. After seeing several family members have the procedure, Wade was comfortable with the process, and in 2011 he decided to get his vision improved. He underwent the surgery and even went so far as to document the experience with a video blog.

Once his eyes healed, Wade was blown away by the improvement he saw. He’s now a big advocate of LASIK and highly recommends it to anyone who’s struggling with vision problems, saying, “It’s actually an amazing experience and nothing to be scared of.  My eyes are getting a lot better by the minute.”

2. LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Nicknamed “King James”, LeBron James is one of the most famous and talented NBA players of all time. He has a long list of achievements and awards, including being named the NBA Most Valuable Player an astounding four times. To continue his reign as one of the top athletes in the NBA, James knew that keeping every body part and muscle he had in peak physical condition was important. In 2007, he underwent LASIK eye surgery to improve his vision to make sure he could see the basket as clearly as possible.

After his recovery, James claimed that his LASIK procedure was a huge part of his success that year where he averaged 30 points a game and led the Cleveland Cavilers to the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

3. Rudy Gay (Sacramento Kings)

After struggling with poor vision for years, Rudy Gay underwent the LASIK procedure in 2013. Prior to his LASIK procedure, he reportedly had such terrible sight was almost denied a driver’s license. Although he had tried contacts, he was not comfortable wearing them or even putting them in. He then resorted to trying prescription goggles, but felt he was never quite comfortable in the eyewear.

In a sport that requires precision and focus, Gay needed to make a change. LASIK surgery that was performed in the off-season helped him get back on the court and improve his shot.

4. Anthony Bennett (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Maybe Anthony Bennett decided to take the LASIK leap after seeing some of the top NBA players reap the benefits of the surgery. Heading into the 2014-2015 season, Bennett had a lot to prove after a disappointing rookie year. He was looking for any advantage he could get to improve his game.

Instead of folding to the pressure and becoming another “could-have-bewhat en” story, Bennett decided to make several positive changes. In addition to adopting a strict, healthier diet and having surgery on his tonsils to make breathing on the court easier, he decided to get LASIK. His vision was reportedly so terrible that he couldn’t see fans in the stands or even the scoreboard. In addition, he had never worn contacts and would not put them in his eyes.

After LASIK, Bennett was happy to discover he could now see what plays the coach was calling and what the scoreboard read. With such dramatic physical changes over a short period, Anthony Bennett is one to watch in the upcoming NBA season.

How LASIK Can Help You

Although LASIK may seem like a big commitment, the benefits far outweigh the risks. With all of the technological advancements there’s been, LASIK is quickly becoming a common procedure among professional athletes. These sports stars no longer have to worry about the downsides of contacts and glasses, and instead can focus on improving their game.

While LASIK solves the issues of sports superstars, it may also be the right choice for the casual athlete, too. Visit a certified LASIK center near you and talk to your doctor about how this procedure can change your life.


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