ReSTOR Lens Cataract Surgery

The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL (intraocular lens) gives people the ability to see near, far or in between, often freeing people from the need for glasses.

The ReSTOR lens is revolutionary because it is a permanent lens that provides for the full range of vision with little or no need for glasses or other corrective lenses. After anesthetic eye drops have been applied to the eye, the surgeon makes a small incision. An instrument is then used to dissolve the existing lens and the ReSTOR lens is inserted. Because no stitches are used and the eye heals itself, the procedure is virtually pain free and recovery is fast.

This lens is revolutionary because it allows for excellent all-distance vision. It is tapered from the center to the outside to allow a smooth transition of light, be it from near, far or in-between focal points. After surgery, we receive rave reviews from our patients who chose the ReSTOR lens, in fact, four out of five patients reported never wearing glasses– and 94% were so satisfied that they’d do it all again.

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