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my pcp was concerned about me with glaucoma being that my mother has it. went to virginia eye consultants for a preliminary exam followed up by a full glaucoma testing. all is well so far, no issues. follow up in one year. i trust my eyes with them.


This is a great place to get your eyes taken care of. Dr. Scoper did PRK corrective surgery for me years ago and other eye doctors that I have seen since have always commented on the great job he did. Some said if I hadn't mentioned the surgery they wouldn't have been able to tell I had it done. As others have mentioned, yes, the wait can be a bit long at this location but the wait is well worth it. I highly recommend this establishment.


This place is huge and seems to have all the latest and greatest in technology. They can do pretty much everything from basic testing to surgery inhouse. My wife was referred here after a routine test for eyeglasses revealed some minor abnormalities. When we first walked in we were immediately greeted and given some paperwork to fill out since it was our first visit. Upon completion of the paperwork we took care of the copay then were directed back to the waiting area. I appreciated that they made sure we knew where the vending area and coffee areas were located. The place was pretty full and the front staff seemed a little unorganized and chaotic but everything somehow worked. We left our home without our morning coffee so we ventured to the coffee machine. Wow! The coffee machine is amazing, it dispenses everything from regular brewed coffee to espresso to lattes to cappuccino to Chai tea to hot chocolate and more. My wife got a latte and I got a cappuccino, the coffee was actually very good. We also enjoyed some tasty complementary cookies. Having read some reviews which indicated lengthy wait times we settled in but the wait wasn't bad at all. After maybe 15 minutes we were given some literature and a portable DVD player on which to watch a video explaining glaucoma. We were only a few minutes into the video when we were escorted to testing area where they ran some tests on my wife's eyes. After the preliminary tests we resumed watching the video in another waiting area. Again, we only watched about five minutes until we were taken to the exam room where the doctor would be seeing us. An assistant asked some questions and prepared us to see the doctor, she was very helpful. We resumed watching the video during which time the doctor entered the room and introduced herself. She said she would wait until we finished the video before proceeding because she felt it was important. After we finished the video we asked a few questions which Dr. Dewundara was happy to answer. She then proceeded with a thorough examination and more testing, she explained every step of the process and was very polite, friendly and professional throughout our time there. She showed us test results on the monitor and explained them very well. She said there was one area that needed further testing so we would need another appointment in a couple of months. We were very impressed with Dr. Dewundara and feel fortunate for my wife to be under her care. We were escorted to the checkout area where we received a followup appointment and were on our way. The stand-alone building has it's own spacious parking lot so there are no parking worries. Overall we were very pleased with our visit to Virginia Eye Consultants. We were impressed with the state-of-the-art facility, the friendly and helpful staff and the quality of care we received.


I had LASIK done by Dr. Starling. And I couldn't be happier with the whole experience! The staff from beginning to end were fantastic! This has truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful! I recommend VA Eye Consultants to anyone I talk to now! Thank you guys again for everything!!!


I have been working professionally with Virginia Eye Consultants for some time now and have nothing but the utmost respect for them. They are caring compassionate people and very easy to work with.

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