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For years, I've considered getting LASIK surgery but had reservations due to cost, concern that it wouldn't work as advertised, and that I would have complications due to my slight astigmatism. The thing is, the cost of new glasses, contacts, etc. piles up without really noticing. Plus, if you're a glasses-wearer as I have been for several months, and you need sun protection, well, you have to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses. So I finally decided to take the plunge, and I could NOT be happier! Dr. Yeu was an absolute professional - incredibly kind, communicates through the entire procedure so that you are never left guessing, and takes the time to answer any and all concerns. Not only was Dr. Yeu a pleasure to work with, but the staff at the Norfolk location are TOP NOTCH. I worked with several people on my first appointment (to find out if I was a candidate) and everyone was so friendly and inviting. Going in, I had a good feeling that I was dealing with people that were attentive to detail and, more importantly, attentive to my concerns and questions. On the day of the surgery, I was expecting a long, drawn-out process, and I was prepared for that. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the procedure was. Time went by so quickly during the procured - I felt as though it took mere minutes to complete (maybe 10 minutes total). After that, I could already see better, though a bit hazy at first since your eyes do have to heal post-op (which was expected). I went home and napped the rest of the day and woke up with what felt like brand new eyes! It takes a bit of time for the haziness to go away as your eyes heal, but it's not bothersome at all. I am so happy that I finally went through with it - and SO grateful for the exceptional staff at Virginia Eye Consultants. Thank you, Dr. Yeu and staff for a very happy patient that will surely recommend your services to others!


I was referred to Dr. Yeu for a growing scar in my left eye. She explained everything to me and put me at ease before, during, and after a procedure for my dry eye and surgery to remove the scar tissue. Everyone was so friendly and reassuring, making sure my questions were answered, and my girlfriend's too. They sent me home with everything I needed. I hope I never need eye surgery again, but if I do I'm calling Virginia Eye Consultants!


Very professional atomosphere. I appreciate how well organized they are. The wait times are a bit to handle but they move swiftly to get to everyone. They are good with accommodating those who need assistance. They maintain clean bathrooms, clean waiting areas, and keep yummy refreshments available as you wait.


I found the Eye Cnsultation a very interesting process. I went in at 8 and was finished by 11:30. I think because I was warned ahead of time that it would be a long process, and I was thus prepared, it went better than I expected. It seemed that after each test was done and I was shown to a waiting area, by the time I settled in to work a puzzle or read something on my Tablet, they would call me for the next test. I was impressed with the facility and the professionalism. Everyone with whom I came in contact (about eight different technicians not including the Doctor) was friendly, pleasant, polite and knowledgeable. Special kudos to the assistant to Doctor Okeke and Dr. Okeke herself. The assistant explained in detail, with visual aids, my condition, what I could expect from my procedure, as well as insurance policies and procedures. Dr. Okeke, after reviewing my records and test result was honest and professional as she explained that although cataracts are present, cataract removal was not warranted for me at this time. My total experience was a pleasant one, And when the time comes that I will need their services, I’ll be happy to return.


Doctors Yeu and Cheung both assured me that they would solve my problem. That was an understatement. They listened, asked questions and Today I see better than before.

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