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KAMRA Corneal Inlay

kamra_logoAs we get older, our eyes have difficulty focusing on objects close-up, causing people to need reading glasses to supplement their vision. This is due to a condition called presbyopia, which results from the eye’s natural lens becoming less flexible and, therefore, unable to adjust to focus light properly. Presbyopia most often occurs in people as they near the age of 40.

In the past, treatment options were very limited for presbyopia, but with the latest advancements in eye care, our team at Virginia Eye Consultants is proud to offer a number of innovative solutions. In addition to the TECNIS® Symfony IOL and Raindrop® inlay, our doctors are experienced in placing the KAMRA corneal inlay to restore patients’ ability to see clearly at near objects while also maintaining their distance vision.

Advantages of KAMRA

The KAMRA corneal inlay is FDA-approved and holds a number of advantages for patients living with presbyopia. If you prove to be a good candidate for the solution, you may experience the following benefits:

The KAMRA Procedure

The advanced capabilities of the KAMRA inlay are made possible by its state-of-the-art design. The device is smaller and thinner than a contact lens and has a small opening in the center, which allows only focused light to enter the eye and reach the retina. It is placed in only one of the eyes, typically the non-dominant eye.

Before the procedure, your doctor will use topical anesthetic drops to numb your eye to ensure your comfort throughout the process. Using laser technology, a small pocket is then created within the first layers of the cornea. The KAMRA inlay is carefully placed within this pocket over the center of your eye. The entire procedure takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Before KAMRA

Before KAMRA



You should arrange to have someone take you home following surgery, as you will not be able to focus right away. Patients can typically notice their vision begin to improve within a week of their procedure, although every patient will have a slightly different timeline. Our eye surgeons in Virginia Beach will provide you with post-operative instructions to follow during your recovery to ensure you heal properly, lowering your risk of any potential complications.

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