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Dr. Stephen V. Scoper | ASCRS Corneal Clinical Committee | Symposium Speach at ASCRS in Boston, MA

Dr. Stephen V. Scoper, Vice-President of Virginia Eye Consultants, was a symposium speaker at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery event this year in Boston, Massachusetts. With over 700 doctors in attendance, Dr. Scoper discussed treatment options for epithelial basement membrane dystrophy patients.

Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy encompasses several different names, but Dr. Scoper explained that it is marked by the synthesis of an abnormal basement membrane that grows up into the epithelium. These patients could have vision loss or recurrent erosions, he said. For both symptoms, he recommended superficial lamellar keratectomy (SLK) before cataract surgery as a treatment option. K-readings should be delayed until two-three months after SLK.

Dr. Scoper described another treatment regimen for recurrent erosions includes bandage contact lenses, antibiotics and lubrication. “We need to recognize these epithelial disorders before we do cataract surgery to get the best visual outcomes,” Dr. Scoper said.


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