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Dr. Scoper, Guest Lecturer in Long Island, New York

This past Thursday, February the 16th, 2012, Dr. Stephen Scoper was a guest lecturer at a Physician’s meeting in Long Island, New York that discussed therapeutic strategies for blepharitis. Dr. Stephen Scoper discussed his experience in both diagnosing and treating interior and posterior blepharitis.

A majority of the lecture revolved around the scientific paper entitled: Ocular Distribution, Bactericidal Activity and Settling Characteristics of TobraDexⓇ ST Ophthalmic Suspension Compared with TobraDex Ophthalmic Suspension. Dr. Scoper was the lead author of this publishing that was responsible for gaining FDA approval for TobraDexⓇST.

Dr. Stephen Scoper walked the other Physicians through the details of the paper with the following conclusions:

In conclusion, these finding show that ToberDexⓇST is an excellent treatment for acute blepharitis.


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