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Who is eligible for LASIK?

Who is eligible for LASIK?

Due to recent advances in technology, there are fewer restrictions on who can receive LASIK than there were when it was first invented. Now, most patients who wear corrective lenses are good candidates for LASIK.

While there are still people whose medical conditions and vision issues make them poor candidates for LASIK, that population is shrinking due to improved technologies and therapies.

In general, you should be over 21 years of age and have healthy corneas. There is no upper age limit to having LASIK as long as your eyes are healthy and your vision is stable.

If you are considering LASIK—or if you were told you were ineligible in the past—it’s worth your time to schedule a free consultation with Virginia Eye Consultants.

For questions regarding Virginia Beach LASIK, Norfolk LASIK, and LASIK in Hampton Roads, VEC is always here to help.


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