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FDA Approves Xiidra for Dry Eye: First New Drop Option in More Than a Decade

“Virginia Eye Consultants was involved intimately in the publications and clinical trials that led to the FDA approval of this new drop.”
The FDA approval of Xiidra (lifitegrast ophthalmic solution 5%) is a major milestone for eye care professionals treating patients with dry eye disease who have not had a new, FDA-approved treatment option in more than a decade.

All of the eye doctors here at Virginia Eye Consultants are extremely excited about the recent announcement of the approval of Xiidra for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.

We are offering Xiidra to our patients now.

“A couple drops a day reduce the signs and symptoms of dry eye. This in an entirely new medication, an entirely new approach to dry eye disease. This aids and augments all the technology we already offer for our dry eye patients.”
Dry eye disease is extremely common. It affects daily activities. It affects outcomes in surgery of the eye. We know and see this disease every day. Now, this specifically molecularly designed drug is available in a preservative free solution to apply to the eyes of dry eye patients.


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