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Can I Use My Flex Spending Dollars on LASIK?

Yes, Flex Plans are a great way to pay for LASIK, and one that many can use but few even know about.

Your Flex Plan is essentially a zero down, zero percent financing plan provided by many employers.  You have guaranteed approval with no credit check, and you pay for LASIK using pre-tax dollars.

If you or your spouse has a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can use pre-tax dollars for your LASIK and still take advantage of our great financing options and promotions at Virginia Eye Consultants.

The most important point to know about using your FSA is that you MUST make sure you are a good candidate for LASIK BEFORE you set aside any money in your plan.  There’s only one month left to use your Flex Points for 2012, so call today to schedule your free consultation. Call 1(800) 321-EYES (3937).

For questions regarding Virginia Beach LASIK, Norfolk LASIK, and LASIK in Hampton Roads, VEC is always here to help.


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