Meet Our Patients

  • Stacey Falls, Glaucoma Patient

    StacyFalls VEC Glaucoma PatientOur patient, Stacey Falls, leaves a lasting impression because post-op day one after her tube shunt removal and Trabectome, she is now pain free and gushing with thanks and gratitude to the VEC Team. It was very touching to hear all of the wonderful things she had to say about everyone she came in contact with. She praised the Suffolk team from the front desk staff with warm welcomes, to all the techs that diligently did their job and the team of doctors including Drs. Okeke, Chang and Yeu who worked as a team to come up with the best solution to her very debilitating eye condition. She said she’s been to hospitals and eye doctors all over the world because her husband is in the military and VEC had been the best. She is ever so grateful she found VEC and feels that her prayers were answered.

  • Ms. Dunn, Corneal Transplant Patient

    Ms. Dunn VEC Corneal Transplant Patient

    Happy corneal transplant patient after she had a complicated cataract surgery at another office.

  • Ms. Brodis, iStent Patient

    Ms. Brodis

    Ms. Brodis had phaco and iStent treatment in both eyes and is very happy with her results!